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  1. If someone flying on Infinite Flight is getting ready to land at a specific airport. And they say, “Tower, {CALLSIGN} inbound on the ILS, runway #.” I was told by someone you would clear them for the option, because they never asked for landing clearance. But I also thought in my mind what if they are landing and they are just using ILS. Would you just clear them to land or clear them for the option?

  2. If their are two aircrafts coming in from opposite sides of a runway to land or for touch, is it Tower’s responsibility to tell them to go around left/right traffic. Or is it the pilot’s job to decide if he/she needs to do that. And if it’s the Tower’s job, would you use the cancel landing clearance and go around make left/right traffic speeches or just the go around?

-Sorry if this is confusing, but I literally have no other way of explaining it. Anyways if your an ATC expert, please help me out. 👍👍


Hello Keshaun,

  1. If someone calls inbound for landing ILS or not you clear them to land. They can call inbound for landing on the ILS touch and go or just call inbound on touch and go, and that is where you would clear for the option.

  2. If two aircrafts are too close together while on final, but already cleared to land you just need to give the “go around” command. If by both side of the runway you mean left/right traffic, if you sequence the planes this shouldn’t be a problem because it is already established which aircraft is going first, so the second one is supposed to maintain separation.

Edit: Since you edited, now I know what you mean by both sides of the runway. You should only be using one side of the runway for landings. (and typically the same for take offs, but that can get complicated at Aspen) If an aircraft is coming in and wants the other side (side you’re not using) you need to tell them to enter left/right downwind for the correct side, then sequence them behind the traffic coming in on the original side. Remember you decide what runway they go to, it’s only the pilots preference. You have final say:)

If you have questions about what I just said, like sequencing, don’t be afraid to ask:)


Thank you. It now makes sense. I also got another question that’s been in my head for a while. I will try to make this as clear as possible.

  1. When Tower 🗼 is clearing somebody for landing/option. And they would say for example. “{CALLSIGN}, number 1, cleared to land/cleared for the option.”. I know that when you are using the sequencing speeches under Pattern Instructions you would use the numbers to notify if the pilot is landing after another aircraft that is in-front. Under clear to land/option. They also have the numbers. Are those numbers used for sequencing or just who requested to land or touch and go first?

-Sorry if thats confusing.


Those numbers are there to show who is landing when. If you are landing number 2 there is still one person infront of you that needs to land first. You use these when you’re clearing for the option or not.

Also a side not about touch and goes that many confuse.
If you clear someone for a touch and go they are cleared for the option to land. That means they can land full stop or do a touch and go, or do a low pass.


So both the numbers under Pattern Instructions and Clear for landing/option are both used for sequencing?


Well, you always need to sequence, that’s the number one rule. I guess you could say they are both used for sequencing. However, I don’t know why “cleared to land number X” is necessary if you’ve already been sequenced and know your place, that’s a great question. Tyler would know more about those specifics if that’s what you’re asking.


Splendid explanations by Carson.

And yea, when you sequence you count how many aircrafts are before the selected aircraft. Same with landing clearance.


Oh ok,

Last thing, my brain has been off this whole Christmas break, so can you verify if i explained the terms correctly?

Touch and Go - When an aircraft ✈ lands on the runway, and takes off.

Full Stop - When an aircraft ✈ lands, it comes to a complete stop ✋ on the runway before exiting to taxiway.

Low Pass - When aircraft ✈ comes over the runway, and continues but doesn’t land.


That’s correct:)


Everything correct although it does not have to be a complete stop, some people just slow down to for example 35 knots and taxi off the runway. This is good when you are told to expedite, and please do so as well ;)


Makes perfect sense now, thanks to you both. 👍


I want to emphasize that. Clearing for the option does not just mean touch and go. It could mean: low pass, touch and go, stop and go, or even full stop. Just keep this is mind as well. @Keshaun


@Carson Ineed your help. I was controlling in klax tower in ATC Playground server and I helped to other airplanes to land and takeoff, but they said 0 operations. What should I do to do some operations??

  1. Clear them for landing

Other people have answered other questions, I’m too lazy to write the rest.

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You are gaining ops but they won’t show up until you are promoted to an advanced controller.

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Yes as Liam said you get ops every time you clear for take off and landing. However, they won’t show up until you become an advanced controller. I read a while ago that Matt was working on changing this so that you could see it, even though you are a playground controller:)


Yes, sir. You would first sequence, under pattern instructions, then clear with the corresponding number.


Southwest91 departs 36, remaining in the pattern, left traffic, followed by United92. Once airborne…

  1. Southwest91, Runway 36, cleared for option.
    -No need to say “enter left downwind” because he is remaining in the pattern. It is a given.
  2. United92, number two, traffic to follow is on left downwind/base/final.
  3. United92, numer two, runway 34, cleared for the option.

If you have any other questions feel free to DM me anytime!