ATC Questions Tracking Thread

ATC questions tracking thread

This thread is for any Forum users who has ATC related questions. Instrad of having to make a whole topic on ATC questions you can just ask here.You can link this topic to anyone making a ATC question topic too.Please keep this thread on-topic

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If re-sequencing an aircraft that has already been given clearance to land, do you have to issue a new clearance or does just a new sequence suffice?

You only clear to land once and re-sequence as many times as necessary.


How do you determine when a user should get ghosted and when to use check help pages and please follow ATC instructions?

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The ghosting guidelines are outlined in section 3 of the non-redacted version of the ATC Manual (when you become IFATC you gain access to the non-redacted version). The use of check help pages is used in situations where it would be beneficial for the pilot to check the tutorials on the forum because they are not using ATC correctly or understanding the instructions given.


How do you ghost people? 🧐

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Swish and flick


We have an option to report a user along with the reason specified and we hit that report user button according to the misconduct done by the user


Then how do you reverse it?

The controller would message a moderator with the display name and callsign of the ghostie, then the moderator reverses it.


When doing touch and goes, after the aircraft has lifted off, do I tell them to enter left/right downwind?

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Nope, just sequence if necessary, and clear for the option (no additional traffic direction needed either).


If there are are more than 6 aircraft in the sequence what should you do?

Sequences go up to 9. In the event you have more than that - exit out. It’s over.

Kidding. In all likelihood - if you need to use more than #9, the planes behind #9 will be far enough out that you can delay their sequence. Just give them a pattern entry, and start sequencing as soon as a plane lands and #9 becomes available again.

Additionally - that occurrence is pretty rare, especially on the expert server. When it’s that busy, APP will typically be active. However, I have had it happen a few times. In those instances, I also had to issue 360s to keep the traffic properly spaced. When planes call-in from 30nm away, a sequence is not often needed/practical, because so much can happen in that time. So as the planes come closer, and the picture becomes clearer, you can start issuing sequences that won’t have to be amended multiple times.


What if no one lands?

Then either a) you’re sequencing planes while they’re too far away and don’t need a sequence (see above) or b) you’ve got some crazy patterns being flown.

If it’s b) planes would have to be flying non-standard patterns. You can issue “extend upwind” to keep planes flying away and keep them from turning downwind in front if someone, you can issue “turn base” to planes flying downwinds that are impracticality long. And eventually someone will land and you can keep the rotation flowing.

It’s likely that you would need to start denying patterns at some point… if you are controlling a single runway field, and 9 planes request patterns, it would be reasonable and understandable (in my opinion) to start denying them to ensure quality service for those already flying.

Remember you can always utilize many runways. Try to limit your use of single runway airports when training as your practical exam will be on a 2 (parallel) runway airport!


You can also turn people away by telling them the pattern is full.


If you accidentally allow to many there is a command asking them to land or divert. Idk if you have it, but I know expert controllers do.