ATC Questions on PGS

A couple of questions for the ATC pros. I dabble on ATC playground, usually dropping in as Bayoubeast 37 on ground and tower at TKPK. I’m trying to learn but do it the right way.

What command do you give to people that enter a taxiway that is only designed for inbound flights to exit early? I usually use hold position and then resend the original taxi to instruction. They usually continue anyway, which is followed by a please refer to the help pages instruction. To avoid a conflict with legit pilots in line, I have them back taxi and get them out of there ASAP so I can clear the rest. This presents a problem when you have several people lined up in the proper hold short waiting patiently in line for back taxi to the correct takeoff position.

how do you deal with pilots that request remaning in the pattern (LOC) but just leave your area. Do you send frequency change approved once they are outside your airspace or just let them clutter you tower active screen?

When you receive inbound announcement on tower from 30-70 miles away, I have been using "continue inbound " until they get closer to the airport. is this the correct response?

last but not least, in an airport that has back taxi, when you know that a plane has plenty of room to takeoff from the runway intersection point (6200 ft) for smaller planes, or do you still instruct them to back taxi or give the pilot the option to takeoff at the initial intersection.

As always, your insight is appreciated to help improve the overall experience.

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