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When should the tower call pattern instructions for a plane?
And after I call these pattern instructions do I say continue inbound, cleared to land, or enter straight into runway?

What I do is enter and keep going and if they say go around I go around so basically keep doing what you would do to land and it’s the ATCs responsibility to clear you to land and give you instructions

Can you give a better example as to your question? Give a scenario. :)

Like I was controlling at WMKK a few hours ago. I told some guy to go around but I wasn’t sure whether I should call patterns for him like turn base. I wasn’t sure if it was right.

I think he means as a tower controller.

If they ask to stay in the pattern, clear for take off with right or left traffic, then sequence if more than one aircraft in the pattern. If someone goes around, respond to go around with left or right traffic then put them in the sequence if required. After you’ve given the sequence it’s cleared to land. Enter straight in is a pattern instruction and continue inbound is useful for when your busy and they’re calling inbound from way out and you’re not sure where they’ll fit in the pattern just yet.

Oh ok thanks that makes sense. So do I call patterns for every plane thats going around or in the pattern?

If they’re in the pattern, you want to give them a sequence. If they’re on their own just clear them to land for the runway in use. Your best bet is to head to YouTube and watch Tyler Sheltons tutorial videos, they’ll cover all your questions I’m sure

When a go around is being issued for an aircraft, there is no need to use a pattern entry, as the aircraft will be instructed to make left/right traffic afterwards; it’s a feature that was added in the last ATC update. Left/right traffic is essentially the same thing, as it permits the aircraft to rejoin the pattern on the appropriate leg.

Here’s a tutorial by Tyler that uses a lot of pattern entries as you would see in appropriate situations: Advanced Tower Tutorial - YouTube

If you’re confused on anything else, feel free to watch the other 19 videos in the playlist. Covers a lot of the aspects of ATC! Ask questions if you’re unsure on what you’ve seen.

Air Traffic Control Tutorials:

Ok thanks fir the help everyone

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