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When ATIS is active, and it goes through the arriving runways and the departing runways, but it doesn’t tell you when what taxiway or what runway is closed so airmen can avoid using closed taxiways and runways along with the taxiway name and what runways are closed?

That is correct the ATIS will only display the current runway or runways in use at that airport. Generally speaking all available runway(s) granted weather is permitting will be used for both arrivals and departures. Your taxi is up to you unless controller gives an expect progressive taxi instructions or a specific taxi routing available at some airports likely becoming available at all airports overtime in the coming updates. Hope this answers your question.

Well, if you have ever heard in a real-life ATIS report they will go through the runways and taxiways time weather then it will tell you that example runway 24L at KLAX is closed taxiway Alpha taxiway tango closed taxiway Yankey closed etc.

I understand that. However infinite flight currently doesn’t have a feature like that for the IFATC controllers. Unfortunately all I know is what I’ve told you. Sorry if that sounds rude I mean it in no way to be rude. Maybe a future update will have such feature available.

No, I’m not taking it rude or mean I’m just saying its a missing feature

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Understand and I agree hopefully it’ll be added soon

There is really no need to have closed taxiways as it is just a simulator and there is no reason for them to be closed

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