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When tower controller says to me ‘‘enter right/left base rwy…’’ then im cleared to instantly left my actually filed Approach route to turn into a 90° to runway heading. Is that correct?


Simply put that means adjust your course to enter for landing about where you would normally turn base , nothing too strange about it. Remember you will have to start your slow down, descent, landing config preparation somewhere out on base as if you were on downwind abeam the touchdown point

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In short, yes you are cleared to leave your flight plan to join the appropriate pattern leg. Of course, as @RyMan touched on, of course make sure to leave enough time, altitude and distance to properly configure for approach and landing. As ATC, I generally will try to give an entry that can keep an aircraft on their flight plan if it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow and it’s a fairly efficient routing. Of course, there are certain situations in which an aircraft will need to come off their flight plan as the aforementioned is not always possible.

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Everything stated above is correct. Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders not doing as instructed. If things went wrong the ATC will let you know what to do next. Even though the ATC tower commands are not that extensive as like radar.

This Makes Much Better to Understand

Divided by the pilot’s point of view.


Where can i appeal a violación?

Please message @appeals.

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You can appeal by messaging @appeals

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First i would write to the controller direct and then you can go to Appeals Team!


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