ATC Question

I want to Apply to become an Air Traffic Controller But they said i need a IFC Name Could you please Help me Or anyone else who can the assistance would be greatly appreciated…


Well… your IFC name is your username on this forum. Abiathar_Neita

Glad to see your interest in the IFATC team, I wish you luck on your journey!


You also need to be TL1 (Basic) here on the forum - you are currently TL0 (New user).

Like some posts, reply to topics (maybe make some of your own) and you’ll get there in no time.

Good luck of your IFATC journey!



I am glad that you are interested in IFATC. To join the IFATC, you must pass a written test and a practical test. My advice here is to take it slow. It is good to take it if you are good enough to take the test. Please fully read the ATC manual. :)

You can find more information here

Good luck:)

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Thank You really appreciate the help

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Thank you so much

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Thank you Sir Really apprecaite the encouragement i am currently studying for the written exam…

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