ATC question

I was wondering if Advance ATC uses GS or AS on their speed displays. I had an incident a few days ago where an ATC ordered me to fly at a certain speed five times and was getting peeved with me but I was flying the posted speed after the first notification. I also found it odd that they were requesting a speed where AS wise I would need to extend flaps to 25 in order to maintain altitude.

Advanced Atc’s see your indicated ground speed on there “scope”.

Thanks! Still leaves me confused about what happened on their end with the speed.

No problem

What do you mean?

About why ATC would have to contact me about not following directions when I had been the whole time.

We see GS but give speeds in IAS if your flying the IAS they assigned you, and they issue the same again reply unable screen shot and contact the controller after your flight.

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Sounds like a good solution. I dont think however that with speed advisories from ATC you can reply with Unable, at least not with what I’ve seen

You sure can your unable to slow to that because you are at or below that speed. Trust me I do it all the time while training approach controllers


Awesome I’ll keep that in mind next time.

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Keep the unables to a minimum though.


Yes please

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Oh I know that haha. I dont unable an ATC unless for terrain, speed, or interference with another flight in close proximity.

That’a boy! I cringe every time I hear the phrase “unable”. But, I always check nonetheless


That’s because your a good controller I cringe to but sometimes it has to be used. I hardly ever say that 😂


Haha! Yes I always double check speeds, height AGL, terrain, traffic etc. when i hear it. But yeah :D


What altitude did he clear you to?

I was on approach at hand me at 9,000ft.

That shouldn’t of been a problem. What aircraft were you in?

You train em? Aprroach is always a frequency I’ve been giddy to try lol. But for now it’s good ol tower and ground