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Three simple words one powerful meaning,thank you!

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Thank you so much im just waiting on a recruiter

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A great way to learn how controlling works outside of reading the ATC Manual is to spawn in at an airport on Expert, and just tune in and listen; see how the controller deals with aircraft, and then apply what you see in practice! I’m sure you’re familiar, but Tyler has made a great video that demonstrates visually the basic controlling skills; give it a watch if you haven’t already!

Feel free to drop by for some patterns if you ever see me controlling!


Most definitely

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Thank you so much for all of yall hell i really appreciate

Yes! My favorite thing to do

Hahaha of course but only with people they are not follow your instructions, as @Drummer said above you start with small airport’s till you can handle all the sky. Step by step

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Also - on top of all the really useful and kind responses above, I just wanted to say, don’t worry if you fail the practical. The IFATC team provides top notch IFATC training for aspiring Specialists and Specialists intending to upgrade to the Officer rank.

Feel free to check out this thread for more information:

I would love to see you succeed and I really hope to see you in IFATC, it’s always nice to welcome a new member. I’d be keeping a look out for your tracking thread (of course while not forgetting others), if you ever do choose to create one. Lastly, if you ever have any questions, my inbox is always open :)


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