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I’m with Center right now and I’m going to have to get some things done and I don’t want to be hearing all the random messages. Without having to lower the ATC volume is there anyway to request a frequency change?


No, I would just recommend turning off your device’s ringer.

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You can lower the ATC volume and keep the aircraft sound up in the audio section in settings if you want.

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I’m saying without that is there a way just to request frequency change.

Oh sorry, no there isn’t. If you leave the device the ATC will see you as “away”

Unfortunately, if you are in the airspace, we would like you to stay on our frequency as you don’t have to be active while on it (at cruise at least). If you request a frequency change, you will most likely get a “stay on my frequency” response


I would just turn your ATC audio down in the in game settings but remember to turn it on again. In app Settings > audio > ATC Volume

Note: always keep an eye out on your device if ATC is trying to reach you and change the volume when you have to talk to ATC again. It is very easy to get side tracked and forget when you have them at a low volume.

Yea and I get that drummer. But it just doesn’t make sense why we need to be with you if we aren’t going to be active.

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It’s because it is centers airspace. They basically own and are responsible for those in that area. You wouldn’t want to go through let’s just say a large class bravo airspace without talking to tower because your away.

Anything can happen while flying and you being on our frequency can at least give us a chance to contact you if we need. However, if you aren’t there and an accident does happen, you won’t be reported

I guess I just don’t understand what’s the point if you see we are away. On well 🤷‍♂️

If you go through the airspace when you are in the away state center will not touch you and you don’t have to tune into their freq unless you are active.

It does make a lot of sense from a realism prospective. One of center’s roles is to avoid mid-air collisions.

So while the risk of collision is enhanced when you’re “away” they may still enjoy their prerogatives by requesting a plane catching up on you or that you are catching up on to level up or down hence avoiding passengers of both planes to “mingle” in the most uncomfortable manner :)

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