ATC Question

Hello, I’m trying to understand a ghosting from today and unable to send a PM to the controller IFATC insideflight. I was approaching LEPA. I was on the ILS inbound for landing and approved to land by tower. I was instructed to maintain slowest practical speed, soI immediately changed my air speed to 155 and started to slow down. Right after that I was ghosted for failure to maintain separation. What should I have done differently.

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@DimitriB will sort it out with you via PM. He’ll get to you once he’s done.


Hello, if @DimitriB hasn’t contacted you within about 48 hours, let someone know so they can get in touch with a moderator. You can also message a moderator or add @appeals to your private message. Hope this helps.

Also, at first glance, it looks like you were less than 3nm away from the aircraft in front of you. That is most likely the reasoning for the ghost but you will need to confirm that with the controller. Ultimately, it is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain separation with other aircraft.

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All sorted. Thanks everyone