ATC question

Hi everyone I had a problem to night with the approach and the tower…the approach direct me to runway 7l and the tower answer go around 7c and contact approach I have asked runway 7c from the approach for 2 times and he direct me to 7l again I when I contact the tower he asked me to go around again too runway 7c will I’m turning the tower ghosted me as an entering runway without permission I hope if the atc Elliot Davis can explain were I have made a mistake…an thanks

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Follow the approach controllers instructions and call in again for landing. Tower probably said 7C by accident.

If you get reported please let a moderator know with your replay.

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You can sort this out via PM with @Contract419Juliett as he was your controller. Thanks!

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i had problems with this controller too. He ghosted me without reason and I contacted a moderator. I think something is wrong with his controlling. No front but that’s just truth

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I made that 2 time and 2 time the tower asked me to go around and will I’m contacting with the approach I were asking to land on 7c put he direct me to 7l under ghosted message and at the least the tower how ghosted me will I’m turning around in the next time

I’ve heard quite a few issues with this controller today, I imagine a message, and a test on controlling skills will be sent to this controller. The controller I think is active in PMs, jsutnp hasn’t posted publicly for a long time.


Will continue via PM