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When a controller issues a “cleared for the option on the go”, what does the “on the go” bit mean?

It means you have the option to do a touch and go (land and then takeoff right after) low approach or full stop.


Hello, it’s for Infinite Flight or the real life?
I’m quite confused because I changed topic categories from Real Aviation to Live, feel free to change categories if I’m wrong.

If it was in #real-world-aviation he was probably talking about real life, since IF doesn’t have an “on the go” option.

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Thanks for letting me know, I will change to #real-world-aviation.

That’s what “Cleared for the option means,” not “on the go.” “On the go” is non-standard terminology that means the same thing as “after departing” and is usually followed by another instruction. For example, “N12345, Cleared for the option runway 2, on the go make left traffic.”


Yeah, sorry for the misinformation. I assumed since it was in Live he was talking about our procedures. My bad 😬


There might be experienced pilots and atc controllers here, and as far as i know the answers above is correct, tho you should ask your instructor or somebody else “IRL” that can help you. Not critique just a tip.

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The only experience I’ve had with on the go is “Cessna 6228 November, Cleared for touch and go/option runway 27, on the go make left traffic. This means make left traffic after your pattern :)

Not sure if anyone has had other experiences.

Sorry all, I thought I had selected “RWA” before submitting this thread.
In any case, thanks for adjusting and thanks for the responses.

Yes, I’m now hearing “on the go” in conjunction with another command.
For some reason I <thought?> I heard it used as a stand alone phrase, which didn’t compute.

Thanks again!

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