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I just noticed when doing ATC you can slide the aircrafts tag left or rightand it will appear white on RADAR what does this do? Ive been doing it when aircraft are far away and still haven’t left frequently as told to do so, so I slide them to reduce clutter.

The names appear white when you’re simply communicating with them, they then go green once they have been cleared for landing.

No I mean the plane on the map will turn white instead of blue.

Do you have a screenshot of what you mean? I’m not following anymore haha

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Yeah let me do departure for a bit

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image image image

This means the aircraft is removed from the list hopefully simplifying things for the controller.
If you wish to communicate with them, just tap on the white aircraft and it will turn blue giving you an option to to send commands. Whenever the aircraft communicates with the ATC it will turn blue again.
This is useful if there are some aircraft who don’t tune out of your frequency, as it will simplify the display.

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Yep! That was what I used it for! Thanks for the confirmation!

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It will mess with a few things on Tower however. They will no longer turn green when cleared to land and white when they land (on the tags), but on radar, there’s no harm in swiping them off.

Essentially I do it when I’ve given someone a fequency change and they haven’t bothered to tune out. Otherwise I would just keep the tags.

Although I don’t control with the tags, anyway, I open the menu via each plane icon to ensure I’m getting the correct plane. (Finding a callsign in a long list takes time. Much faster to click the plane.)

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