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When I use the control center I see the landing Runway change from green to red, meaning that it closes runways and opens another
question of who controls the runways?

Do you mean in ATIS or when colour changes

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The wind does

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Depending on the direction of the wind, the RWY can turn into green (you CAN takeoff) Orange (Be careful for takeoff) Red (you MUST NOT takeoff).

Red color does not mean that runway is closed


Yes, thank you, just not favorable conditions

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When the runway is red and you look at the metar which shows it’s below 10kts, then you might be able to land your plane.


As @Bare said above, Red doesn’t mean closed, because every RWY is opened at every moment, but you must not takeoff from that RWY because you will have tailwind so it can be dangerous!


But some time it’s changed
For example
Airport EGLL

GREEN RUNWAY 25C after changed to red
Who’s do this

Folks… the the colors simply mean whether the runway is favorable or not.

Green means it is favorable.
Orange means it’s semi-favorable.
Red means it’s not favorable.

Red does not mean the runway is closed!


Thank you all for information

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MaxSez: Direction of take off and landing is dependent on “Atmosphic” condition. Runway color coding as noted in IF is IF informational. Every aircraft has limitations an aviator know’s his and his aircraft cap ability hopefully. V’s, cross wind components, weight/balance, run length etc for your craft are known or in the IF Library or on the Web, Bottom line, yellow and red mean decision time, can I make it. Launch and Recovery are Pilot decision not ATC’s it’s Not May I, it’s Can I… Max Sends


It means the headwind component is slightly favorable for one versus the other.

Nothing more.


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