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This questions is mostly for IFATC users, but if you understand my question and you know the answer you can post it.As you see in the picture below there is me (IF Aviation) on left base for FLL.I announce landing and the controller replied enter straight in runway 10R.I thought the controller would have to report the position of the pilot for example “IFA1 enter left base runway 10R”Screenshot_20190414-212500

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Well, to my knowledge. He means to go enter at the start of the cone. I might be wrong, not sure.


The traffic pattern really doesn’t start until you are 5NM from the field. However since you are already on a modified base the proper entry instruction would be the next leg which is straight in.


So lets say if I was approaching from downwind if I was the controller I would have to report base?

It really all depends on the situation if you are on a downwind but east of the field I’m going to tell you to enter downwind. If you are downwind but west of the field I will most likely tell you to enter base.

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So West the postion ahead East the position the pilot is currently on?

For the image you are showing yes. Had you called far prior to your image I would have told you to enter base. If you called in where the picture is taken I would have said straight in. It’s really all about the positioning of the aircraft. Either one would be correct weather he told you straight in or base. However from the image I would of said straight in as well. Further out I would have said base.

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Ok! I have a better understanding of it now.

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Good question, came across an almost identical scenario

Thanks for the answers all

With which ATC were you communicating? Approach or Tower?

its implied tower if he has been given pattern entry. @Dezertflyr

Well…I was hoping that was not the case. He’s well outside the terminal airspace if he’s the white plane 😕

A tower controller can make an on guard message 20nm away, so if you’re 20nm or less from the airport he has every right to have you on his frequency

No, he isn’t. Because this was a class Charlie airport, there isn’t an 11nm ring around it, making it seem like he is very far away, but in reality, he’s definitely no more than 15nm away from the airport.

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