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Hi, I have a question about sequencing as a controller. If one airplane just touched down and another is calling in for landing from 5 miles away, is the airplane 5 miles away number one because the airplane that just touched down doesn’t count or is the airplane 5 miles away number two and the one that just touched down number one.

In other words, when does an airplane no longer “hold” it’s sequence number?

I hope my question makes sense.

I’ve only been IFATC for about 8 hours, and I’ve been sequencing planes who takeoff after their TNG to the back of the line. No one has yelled at me yet, so I’m 99% that’s the right way.

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If the first aircraft touches down then the second aircraft should be cleared as number one. The goal of sequencing is to get people to follow an aircraft in the air, thus sequencing and clearing as number two makes little sense since the first aircraft is already on ground.
Make sure to give them a pattern entry though.

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You are correct. The sequence number doesn’t ‘belong’ to the aircraft. It’s just his number in the queue, and changes every time a plane lands.


You don’t need to sequence as number 2 when the number 1 aircraft has crossed the threshold :)


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