ATC question!

I wanna know does ATC on IF give you levels to fly fly to.and when descending do they give you at what level and heading you should be at or do you need IFA for that.

If you are ATC at a training server you cannot fly at the same time the same is if you’re atc on expert server. To answer you question, yes atc can give you what direction, what speed and altitude to fly at in any server

They do that on the Expert Server since the IFATC have been trained to do that, you will most likely not see this in Training Server as they are still learning how to do those steps.

Approach is able to give you directions on altitude, heading, and speed. That is the only frequency that can do that. On tower when a plane is landing the most they can do is give a pattern entry, a sequence, and then cleared to land or cleared for the option.

Yes, that’s what radar vectors are.

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