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Hi, I have a question about ATC. After I switched from approach to tower, I announced that I am inbound and requesting landing. Is this wrong because recently I’ve been told to check the forum for instructions using atc. Am I meant to just wait for them to give me clearance?

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Hi, were you cleared for an ILS, GPS or visual approach by the approach controller?

In that case, you would report “Inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual” rather than “Inbound for landing”. The latter is used if you were to be given radar vectors.


What @naro said is entirely correct. Here is just a quick guide that you might want to use for future reference.


So nice to see pilots creating topics and learning from their mistakes from a simple “Cleck help pages” 😊


Unless this is just a syntax error, it sounds like you may have reported your position and declared inbound. You only need one, the request for landing as shown in the table above. Reporting “on final” is unnecessary, if that’s indeed what you did.

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Good info above.

How you report inbound also depends on what type of approach you’re on with the radar controller.

As mentioned by Tim, there no need to report your position after you’ve been cleared.


Hi, were you instructed to switch to tower? If this is not the case, it could well explain the telling off…

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