ATC question

Is there any ATC or any one who could tell me what airport they think will be open 2morrow on the expert server, so I could start my long haul. I know it says ATC choice but there is a region high lighted, and every blue moon one of our great hardworking and very efficient ATC would have an idea posted by now sometimes.

Should this be in the ATC category? Fits perfectly!

Maybe. It usually would be posted under the ATC schedule, but for some reason there’s no post under that thread this week.

The schedules are posted closed nowadays since there’s little or no posts with relevance in them. Except for the actual schedule of course.

You can see the region there, someone will be open somewhere there. But it’s free choice.

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Some of the bigger airports might be a good bet, like LGAV (Athens?) or the airport in Cairo might be a good bet. That’s just a guess though, I could be completely wrong.

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LTBA, LGAV, HECA and LIMC will most likely be covered throughout the day. I’d plan for Istabul if I were you ;)


U should look at the expert ATC schedule as it has a full schedule for a week I think

If you have insta IF posts the weekly atc coverage. That way you know where there is active atc

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