ATC Question

So I was about to start my flight, KLAX - EGLL. I was cleared to push back, and did so. I requested to taxi, and as I did, an A380 spawned right in front of me. What do I do? I didn’t request for push back again, I just did it automatically to another taxi way and went around him. Was this the right thing? If not what should I have done? [Server: Expert. ATC: @Jose_Oscana (I like your controlling) ]


I’d say you did the right thing here. Make the quick adjustment yourself or make another request if the area around you is busier and making another attempt to pushback would cause greater congestion.

We definitely appreciate the situational awareness and attempt to deconflict on your own!


Thank you! That’s 1 more thing I know how to do in a situation like that :)


In a situation like this, I agree with Tyler. Pushing back was the right decision. If the airport is busy, don’t pushback until requesting, but if it’s not that busy, do exactly what you did! Great situational awareness, and good job!


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