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Hello everyone,

I would like to know what the “deny entry” button does. Is it a way to say no?

its for if the pilots plane is too big for the airport
for example if an a380 try’s to land at London city you would use the deny entry button as an a380 is way to big for EGLC

Thanks for the help!

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That’s correct.

You can either reject an aircraft due to heavy traffic at the arrival airport or if there’s some event occurring at the airport (all of which is rarely used).

Technically, since it says “tower is not accepting any aircraft at this time,” it applies to everyone, not simply the aircraft to whom you send it.

I think it tends to be used improperly in IF. If an aircraft is too large for your airport, use that command, as that only applies to the aircraft which receives that command.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way to tell someone on approach who has been told no pattern work that they’re not going to trick approach into a pattern when tower denied it. So, feel free to stick them at the end of the line and take them wherever you want.

If you’re on tower, and they try pattern work after being told unable, send them not accepting pattern work.

Deny Entry should hardly ever be used since it technically applies to everyone in the airspace.

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Aircraft too large should be used instead.

yeah…you can say that as well or too

I have denied entry because i really couldnt accept any more aircrafts.

Planes were lining up as they holdshort for an airport that requires back taxi.

Planes were holding position because theres not enough space to taxi. I made sure the runway exits were not blocked and that aircraft landing could taxi to an open slot.

And i could only clear 1 or 2 planes to land each time, everyone else was denied entry. People were rushing their landings because they had to go around since they didnt want to space them selves, so i denied entry.

Not sure if its right to deny entry just to get departures out but that was the first time i used it.

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Use the tools you have available. Extend downwind. Call base. Control speed.

Most importantly, if a pilot turns base too soon behind the plane they’re sequemced behind, don’t be afraid to issue a go around. If they can’t maintain adequate separation, that’s on them.

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Not as well. Simply “too large”. “Tower not accepting inbounds at this time” applies to everyone.

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As well as what @tim_b mentioned you can also use ‘make 360 for spacing’ command to make a little space for departures.

Though at some airports where you need to back taxi you really need someon on approach working with you for vectoring to help make those gaps.

I actually did, i sequenced them but they were rushing.

Ground was spamming and i issued sequencings, 360s, slowest practical speed, go arounds.

Its just one of those days every pilots expect to land with a 2 mile spacing at 200kts.

The question is clear, what deny button means?
Well,technically [deny entry] button have only 2 options:
1)aitport is full
2) event is in progress.

After, the way that we have for deny entry are another thing.

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If you sequence them, and they choose not to maintain separation, don’t feel bad at sending them around. I sent a guy around four times once because he kept turning base at 240 knots right behind the guy in front. If he wants to keep doing it, I’ll keep sending him around, no skin off my back. He wants to learn how to fly, more power to him. But if they can’t maintain separation on their own, you shouldn’t feel bad doing it for them.


I’ve had to close airports serveral times. It’s usually TNCM. Your sequencing runs out pretty fast when you have to call everyone’s base.


Well, I actually agree that you can definately use the “Airport full” command. It would most likely be unrealistic with that much traffic anyway, plus if you don’t have Approach, you can better deny entry for 5 minutes or so than to risk some collissions because you simply can’t keep up with the amount of traffic/messages.

Right, when the airport is actually full.

Not when one aircraft is too big.

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