ATC question: Taking Off runway XX departing ?

If I am taking off from one airport and my destination airport is North from where I am, for example, but I will make a long straight and then turn North, should I say departing “North” or departing “Straight out”?

Check the example (not realistic Flight Plan):

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Straight out is correct. :)


I’m most likely wrong, but I think it would be straight out, as you are not turning straight away.

Thanks Henrik. :)

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We usually don’t care. Just don’t say remaining in the pattern when you’re planning to leave.


Hahaha that’s too much #NeverDoneThat


I get so annoyed when people do that. Whenever I’m flying on training all I can think of is “god help these people”


It does matter when departing from airports with parallel runways though.

We can’t really do much about it as tower right now though. They say they are departing some direction and we clear for takeoff and hand off. This will change when we can give heading assignments on takeoff.

True, when we can give runway headings after takeoff it will make spacing after departure easier.

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