ATC question (controller : Elefanths YT)

At 1400(UTC) 31of march - I was doing pattern works for touch&go at VDPP(Phnom Penh Intl) / callsign : AXI584

The controller was Elefanths YT.

During flight, I got some instructions including ‘check tutorials’ too.
No offence, but I did not understand some of the instructions. I want to check what I did wrong to prevent from happening again.

Elefanths himself would be nice, others are also welcomed to check out and give tips.

These are what happened… I tried to organize what happened by time sequence.

1400 : Takeoff on RWY23, got left traffic instruction.

1402 : got ‘cleared for option’

1409 : Was on touch&go when Elefanths gave me ‘exit RWY contact GND’ instruction. So I canceled takeoff, went to taxiway, taxied all the way back to RWY23 for takeoff. I thought ‘maybe he didn’t know that I was on touch&go’

1414 : After takeoff, I made an inbound report for touch&go to inform my intension.

1419 : Go around

1427 : Got another ‘exit RWY contact GND’ instruction. First instruction that I don’t understand. I clearly informed that I was on touch&go. Why am I keep getting that instruction?

1447 : After few touch&go I decided to make a full stop. I made inbound report to Elefanths to inform that I changed from touch&go to full stop. But he said ‘Please check tutorials on the forum’.
I don’t understand what I did wrong. Should I not inform TWR when I change from touch&go to full stop?

Lastly, got curious about sequencing. Just asking for my ATC studies.

1448 : Elefanths told me to follow aircraft on final, number 2

1449 : Elefanths told me(AXI584) that he will call my base.
(He didn’t call my base till the end)

1450 : An aircraft on final(SUD249) goes around due to back taxi-LUAW traffic(Qatari970).

1451: Elefanths sequenced AXI584 number 2, to follow ‘tom pryor’. AXI584 was on left downwind, 1600ft, 8nm out when ‘tom pryor’ was on left downwind, 11100ft, 15nm out for ILS. As I see there was enough space for Qatari970 to depart even if AXI584 turned base. Isn’t it more fast and efficient to call AXI584 to turn base first and instruct ‘tom prior’-‘number2, traffic to follow is on left base’??

Hey, I recommend you send a message to @Elefanths as he was your controller. He can explain through PM.

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roger thanks

That seemed alright to me…