ATC Question [CAN CLOSE]

This was a few weeks ago. I was flying the EDDM-KATL route and I cruised over KPHL when they were there for the day. Note I was at 40000 ft MSL. They contacted me saying I am on an active airspace hutch clearly I’m not. Am I still supposed to contact them or no?

Typically the rule is you should contact ATC at FL 180 or lower in the controllers airspace. What server was this on?

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Usually if your above flight level180 you should not contact them as it’s not there jurisdiction, but so you don’t get ghosted you might want to contact them as they might not understand why your not responding

If this was on TS1, it was controllers not knowing what they were doing. When they see a plane approaching their airport they might contact it without seeing the altitude

If this was on Expert, it was probably a missclick.

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Expert. And didn’t know they were there. As I would’ve changed my flight plan

If they warn you again , you should probably contact them and request frequency change just to stay on the safe side

If this was expert, it was likely the airspace was crowded and the controller probably was thinking since you were close to the airport on the map, that you were a lot lower than you really were. No need to worry about it, you should go about your own business as you shouldn’t be in contact with an approach frequency that is one, not your destination airport, two, 40,000 feet below you.


It was most likely a mistake. On guard messages are sent at FL180 and 50 miles out from the airport. If you were at FL400 and not going to KPHL, it was probably just a mistake. IFATC make mistakes too.


Thank you guys. A mod can close this :)

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