ATC Public Chat Request

I can hardly get time to communicate with my fellow controllers on duty. I always work with them before opening the session and have a plan of action where we understand each other and are flexible. A chat might prevent the usage of two devices,but it also gives birth to a pop up message all the time which definitely would be distracting. This idea could be implemented for pilots though. So pilots can communicate via words with each other while flying. Would make atc job a little easier if they made their 1% own coordination while we handled the rest of 99%


I like the idea where IFATC’s can communicate with pilots on a voluntairy basis.
I also sometimes want to contact the Pilot and explain why I give him a ‘please follow instructions’.

In your suggestion here, who would be allowed to contact who?
If Pilots can contact the ATC each time they are taxiing, departing, approaching, landing, then this extra communication can become a burden for the ATC. The ATC ahould be able to focus, and sometimes airports get very busy.

If I read you correctly your idea is that the ATC can contact the pilot, if he sees a need, correct?

For implementation, how could perhaps setup Slack, and create a ‘group’ for each airport frequency, which an ATC can join when controlling on that frequency.

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@JeebakR @azeeuwnl
Both of your opinions were expected. Hence why it’s completely voluntary.

Implementation could be as simple as using a discord server like this where some of us already hang out:

When you feel like chatting you can. When not, you just ignore it like any other chat room. Not held to any standards, just an opportunity to better interact with each other.

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