ATC Public Chat Request

This is not an in app feature request. It has already been requested. Rather, this is a way to implement improved ATC comms now.

IFATC has private slack chat. Others have their own slack or discord. I am requesting a single place where IFATC can live chat with pilots on a strictly voluntary basis. A separate chat can cause a distraction, so it shouldn’t be a requirement.

Recently I’ve been on discord and a few ATC have joined. It really is nice to be able to send a quick message to clarify something. For example, I was contacted and asked for intentions while still trying to scroll through the airport list to request approach. Too many airports, not on the list, so needed to request vectors. Then going back to request approach, it shows up on the list so I requested the approach. It would have been nice just to type a quick message to explain so he wasn’t irritated or confused.

Also it would be good for a special request when time permits.

In general, it would allow more real time comms and function in a way like the landline a controller has IRL.

Again, this is a request for IFATC to voluntarily join a public chat. Whether it be the IF Community discord or another slack/discord. It would be good for better interaction on and off the app.


I support this but I can’t get it so good job to whoever else can


Where do you see sense in this post?

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From my opinion as an IFATC like @JoshFly8 once said we like to settle down focus and do our job so like you said it would be a distracting feature for ATC.If scrolling for awhile (may be wrong) but say stand by it doesnt get us mad as long as you reply and dont just keep flying and ignore us forever


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lmao thats pretty fun :)

(not being sarcastic)


Yup, just a completely voluntary and friendly thing. If you’re in front of your PC or another device that could have the chat open and you’re not overloaded.
Josh has chatted with me on discord already while doing ATC. Also at times he is too busy controlling and can’t respond to the chat. It’s all good.


i let then IFATC and asked for their opinions should get some to reply soon


IMO i can muiti task well its something im good at


I wasn’t talking about AR’s post


I wouldn’t mind joining a channel like this. I actually love when you guys bring me questions to answer… Idk just something about it makes me feel good teaching you the correct procedure :)

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maybe instead of asking questions while flying atc not controlling could answer any quick questions or secnario do and donts

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Yup. No expectations of anyone, just a free open and friendly chat. Free to chat during a session or when not even on IF.


I think that this is a good idea in my opinion!

This is a good idea, especially as it is voluntary. Don’t see any harm at all.

Another group channel to be in…While great in theory, I for one like to focus when I’m controlling. I am a good multitasker but the times when those questions would normally come up s when the airspace is very busy. For another controller to try and answer would require more work explaining the situation for the future and not for the current flight. I would be willing to try it out as a IFATC, but I don’t know what my fellow controllers feel…

same thats why i suggested when someone is not controlling they can help out the person in need

I think this would be a lot, especially if the controller is busy. When we control at airports together we already talk enough on slack, so I don’t think we would have time to do this when we’re controlling. It’s also just another distraction which someone already mentioned.

Again, I’m not saying you would have to be watching the chat. It’s an opportunity to be able to interact with the more active and competent users.


Yeah. Sometimes, I want to do something that can’t be requested (like ask to turn)