ATC procedures at London Gatwick (EGKK)

A quick question on the ATC implications of 08L/26R (the northerly runway) not being used during normal operations and instead in the main part, being used as a taxiway.

As a result of this, when taxiing to the departure runway of 08R or 26L will I need to seek ATC permission to cross the non-operational runway?

No, you do not need permission, as the TFR states.


No but I would just to be safe if they don’t know that it is not operational

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All controllers that open will be aware of the active TFR.

Requesting runway crossing will result in a warning from ATC along the lines of “you’re already cleared to cross the runway”.


And if there is no TFR in place, e.g. in the training server?

Might be an idea that requesting take-offs and landing for 08L/26R to be removed as an option in itself?

I don’t think that’s how it works. All runways are gonna be an option regardless

On training server both runways are still in use.

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