ATC Problems

Hey there!

For some reason my ATC is not working, and it only shows the airport. I can fly live but not ATC.

IPhone 6
Anything else?

It means that someone claimed the position before you there device loaded faster and they took your position sorry It happens to me a lot you just have to wait a while:)

No I keep going out and checking and it says it was me. Also sometimes when I go into status modestrong text at the top of ATC it says there is no ATC where I am.

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Maybe try restarting you device I’m not sure sorry.

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Ok that’s fine.

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Ok sounds good good luck I hope it eventually works for you. Bye:)

Any idea why it says strong text?

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No I’m not sure sorry tell me what happens if you do a restart though thanks.

Got it. thanks.

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Ok goodluck

It worked!! Thanks.

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Your welcome enjoy:)

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