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When i began an approach to KORD. Chicago centre instructed me to amend the STAR location or something like that. I had no clue on STAR, but the atc made me fly around in circles. but then the atc warned me to follow instructions or i will be reported. so i ended the session, frustrated.

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A STAR is a Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR). STAR’s are a published flight procedure that guide you into an airport. More info can be found here:

STARs stand for Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures. Its what 90% of commercial flights use to organize approaches and arrivals. It also helps keep the airport organized.

From what I understand, you didn’t have a STAR in your flight plan. To add one, you should click the blue dot marking your arrival airport. Then, you can see a menu, you should click “PROC”.

You can then select “Arrival/Approach” and see the options portrayed on your map. Then you can add them in!

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I think it is #support

Nope, this is in the right category. I’ll pm you


There are STARs for ORD and if you click on the airport and select “procedures,” it will tell you which ones are ATC preferred. That’s likely what you were supposed to do.

If you can find who your controller was, you could PM them as well to figure out exactly what they wanted.

Oh okay because it is a problem no?

There are STARs, but not SIDs. Let’s not blame the controller(s) straightaway when we don’t know all the facts yet ;)

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oh, i thought there were neither

Let’s not do that…how do we know it just happened?

Also, Kamryn is actively controlling (which means let him focus on that) and is not on center.


oh center. let me check then

No, don’t check. Let the OP respond.

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alright i wont

I was actually approach frequency, I don’t know who center was at the time but I operated approach without center. It was most likely the previous session before me.

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First off, Welcome to the Community, @Crown-Inter747 !

It may have been possible that, upon your arrival towards Chicago, the ATIS could’ve stated “Departure and Arrival procedures recommended/ required.” It sounds like Center was simply trying to clean up and organize the incoming traffic for the approach controller. Although I do not know the specifics of your situation, I can say that, if procedures were required, I probably would’ve asked you to amend your flight plan as well. Others have posted some very helpful tips and tutorials, and you’re more than welcome to PM myself or any IFATC members if you have any questions!


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