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This is the second time that this has happened. I was flying inbound to DNMM and I contacted tower. And then for like 5 minutes, I couldn’t hear anyone on the frequency. There was 70+ arrivals, surely someone would of contacted ATC in 5 minutes. So I just left, I didn’t want to get reported like last time because of the exact same problem. I get super worried in situations like this because there is no messages you can send to ATC (especially to tower) to make sure that you guys are still connected. And FYI, I do check the green tick on the top right and it always says I’m connected. Can some staff look at this please? The first time this happened was with the controller @IFATCLee3440. I’ve got screenshots.


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It could have been quiet at the airport(70 arrivals means that 70 planes inbound, the next could be an hour away)

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And try not to leave the flight if you actually lost contact with the atc, worst case scenario they would ghost you for unable to connect-contact moderator, where your ghost would most likely be reversed if you really couldn’t connect


Yeah I did that last time, but it took a long time.

You can also use the callsign “NORDO” if you are certain you have no contact and we atc would be accommodating if it isn’t busy


What does nordo mean?

basically squawk 7600 in IF

Okay. Would all ATC (on expert server) understand “nordo”? Because if they don’t, there will be no point.

yes we all do know what nordo means

Ok. So what do I do after I have changed my callsign to Nordo? Sit and wait?

I have been active Tower and Ground at DNMM for over an hour after a switch from another controller. I am a little confused by your message. I need a little more context for clarification. It was a little light with inbound aircraft when I had just opened without an approach controller. What callsign were you? I will be glad to take a look after I am finished controlling. I have not ghosted any aircraft for this situation, nor seen any aircraft land without contacting tower for clearance so far. Were you inbound during the switch possibly? Please PM me so we can get to the bottom of this. On my end, no aircraft have been missed or forgotten I assure you.

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you can proceed to land but do not interfere with other aircrafts, we would give some room for you to land

My callsign was JetBlue one. I’m not sure if you remember but I was inbound for 36L, then had to go around, then you handed me off to approach. But before that, I was just doing some touch and goes and remaining in the pattern. At that point, I didn’t hear any messages on the tower frequency, so that’s why I reported my position on downwind to see if controller could receive my messages. And you told to avoid duplicate messages (which is completely correct for you to say). So my whole point is, sometimes I don’t hear any messages on the frequency so I get worried because I thought I got disconnected for some reason. It happened to me before, which resulted in me getting reported because I wasn’t receiving thr controllers instructions. So I got reported for not following instructions. Hope this makes sense, if not, tell me and I’ll explain it better.


Good morning DN1801,

Do you use

If you don’t i’d recommened that you start to use this site. You can see what airports have active ATC and exactly who is the controller. If you have the same problem again, you can message them directly when you’re in the air and not have to leave or risk getting ghosted.

If it was me that was controlling and you couldn’t hear me or contact me, i’d try and message on here and i’d also fly in a heading that was away from the airfield, away from any other aircraft and at a reasonable atl. That way the controller would have no reason to ghost you.

I’m sorry that you’re having these problems, please speak to a member of the IF team and they maybe able to help further.




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Okay. Thanks for the website, I’m sure it is very helpful.

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No JetBlue One that I could find throughout my replay on my end. Were you by chance Arik Air 3745 with the name DavidLKPR? If so, as I said PM me.

Maybe not JetBlue one but something with JetBlue in it. And no, I am not Arik Air but I do remember him talking to you

I think there was a connection issue. In that case, the issue could have just been temporary and should be ok in a few minutes. NORDO means “no radio”, and it tells ATC that you’re unable to communicate with ATC. Contact the controller via the link that @IFATCLee3440 provided or Infinite Flight ATC & Display Name List .
If you are still having connection issues, make sure you’re connected to the internet, and if necessary, turn wifi off and back on. If that doesn’t work, you can restart your device. You can reinstall IF as a last resort. Thanks!

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