ATC problems

Hi, Im having problems with ATC. i can talk to ATC when i depart but when i come to land i send stuff to ATC but they dint reply then they send me messages but i can’t send back. its like i can hear them but they can’t hear me.
any suggestions.
thank you

Are you using Data?

I had this problem today.

Hello. Could you provide some more information?

Which airport did this happen at? Which server? Which device are you using?

im use WIFI to fly on infinite flight

Okay, I have some question.

  1. What device are you using.
  2. Is your internet good?
  3. Which airport that happen during the problem you occurred.
  4. Which server are you using?
  5. Have you closed any background app, cleared the cache, or reinstalled?

I use an IPAD.
internet is good.
Happens landing at most airports that have active ATC that i try land at but recently London Heathrow EGLL.
i only had infinite flight and infinite passengers open

Okay, what kind of device is your IPad?

i use an IPAD air. i dont know what ios

If you are having trouble sending ATC messages but are receiving them, there’s a problem on your end. Your internet connection may be unstable.

Although it may not be ideal, restarting the app should fix things for you. Do you experience this issue often?

i do experience this issue every now and then but restarting it im not doing mid flight

It could be unstable internet connection just like @naro said.

ok. thank you all for your help

Right, it may not be ideal, but that should fix the problem. I’d also ensure that you have a stable internet connection before flying on live.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.

We will see what moderator can do in the morning.

I am not really an expert, but I think our developers are investigating this issue. For this reason, they need some useful information in order to fix this problem:

  • When did this occur? Please state date & time (in GMT/Zulu) if possible
  • At what airport?
  • Your current callsign and display name
  • Any additional information you might find useful to add.

Ofcourse a moderators opinion about this problem is always appreciated!

I had that too, I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me.

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