ATC Problems

Ok so I don’t exactly know what I am doing wrong but for some reason I am getting my ATC threads closed. Please Help

Your ATC Tracking Thread is still open, What do you mean? Please be more clear.

Somebody goes in and changes the OPEN to CLOSED

You can only have one open at a time. It prevents clogging of the forum.

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You only need one ATC thread. I’ve closed the others because you simply don’t need them. As the others may have mentioned, you just need to edit your title, and the body of your original post, or reply to your original post to let others know the airport you have opened.

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Oh this is because you have to change the title from OPEN to CLOSED when you control


That’s because when your done and finish your ATC session your ment to to ‘close’ so people don’t think your still open. That person did it for you ☺️


As reference, please see Astern’s ATC thread. You’ll see that he will continue to update his post. He didn’t need to create multiple topics.

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Ok so I just got off KSAN, I want the most recent thread used

When you finish your session, change your title to closed and when you what to re-open chnage it back to open

This may help you learn the forum more :)

I updated your title of your main tracking thread. You are able to update the title and just like you did with the body of the post.


Ok thanks just trying to improve

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No worries. If you have any other question or concerns, just shoot me a message. 🙂