ATC problems with reports

Like 40 mins ago I was approaching Klax airport then the social approach person said to amend instructions and follow their instructions, but they didn’t tell me to do anything. I continued to fly because I had no idea what to do then they said the airport was busy when it clearly wasn’t and let told me to land somewhere else. It wasn’t bad until they gave me a level 2 violation and let some other person land after me. Then I tried taking of from a different airport and then the exact same thing happened but they told me to change direction and like 5 seconds later they reported me. Now I’m really close to grade 2. Help me.

Hey sorry to hear this, what u can do is go in replays and get the controllers name and give him a pm

Hey! Please contact the controller directly for this problem.

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@PlaneGeek I believe was your controller at the time. If you believe the report was unreasonable and would like to try and appeal it. DM your controller and @appeals.


Good morning @Lynx_Afr1ca_7! I will send you a private message and we can discuss the report. :)

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Continuing in a PM