ATC problems when on the expert/training server

For some weird reason I cannot get ATC to reply to me when on the expert server. I can’t even hear them directing other planes. This has cause me to get kicked off for not following the rules. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?

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This is a pretty known issue I believe; while you send messages, others do see you as NORDO. One solution I’d say would be restarting the app.

Btw, you should contact @appeals (if you got a LV2 or LV3 violation). This wasn’t your fault at all.

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Any chance you’re using a VPN?

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I have restarted the app and same problem. Would be using a VPN be the problem? My Surfshark vpn stays connected always. I appealed my violation and they upheld them. So here I am now.

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Well, I use expressvpn and I cannot communicate with ATC if using VPN, the second I disconnect it however it works, so I’m guessing that’s the problem.

VPNs are known to cause issues using IF Multi Player Servers. A simple search will produce a number of topics discussing this.

Thank you infinite flight community for the help. I will turn off my vpn when flying. I will contact @appeals to see if they will go back and review my violations.

Thank you community. It worked. I turned off my VPN and everything worked flawlessly. I wish I had asked on here earlier. Thank you all again.