ATC problems - Training Server

ATC is completely pointless in the training server. There is no accountability for pilots acting ridiculous. They can completely ignore instructions without consequence. There needs to be some way to hold them accountable…



Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do with this situation. What I would do is avoid the big hub airports like EGLL and KLAX that can get like this sometimes and fly to different airports.

well as you said, this is the training server. trolls and bad pilots exist, and unfortunately they gotta hang out somewhere

if you’re looking for a more realistic and professional multiplayer experience, rack up some landings and join us all on the expert server!

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You guys are right…I just need to vent. I had them stacked and sequenced…then some douche comes and ruins it…

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If you want somewhat better ATC you can always request it for training server in this thread below and one of our fellow members could give you a more realistic experience.

I’ll stay on the expert server for flying…I guess I need to test for ATC on Expert as well…

Cheer up! It is much more important to act professionally yourself. Let them go.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience as ATC. Unfortunately, as many have stated above, this is expected to happen on the Training Server since pilots are, as the name says, training their way up on the sim.

If you would like to develop your ATC skills on a more professional atmosphere with -usually- better pilots, I strongly recommend you applying for IFATC (Expert Server ATC).

You can find further information about the recruitment process and requirements below:

I know… everyone has complain about it. So the best option is join IFATC and enter Expert Server Controller

This has always been the case. Training server is like giving a spoon to a baby, you know it ain’t gonna end up well. It really sucks but I guess you just need to practice and practice until you get to IFATC

Try open ATC Tracking Thread. Ask people who know about the pattern to come in to your thread. Get ready for written and practical test for IFATC and boom. Open in Expert.

training server is where people train up themselves, it is unfair to give new users consequences. there are definitely trolls and we have to find somewhere to park them at (casual&training servers). but how much we want to teach them a lesson, there are still new users who are legitimately “training” up in the server. so yep, this is my POV.
if u want a more realistic experience, grind some landings, get into expert. if you’d like to join a more realistic atc team, i suggest looking at the IFATC recruitment thread and you can carry on from there.

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you are right, but not all the pilots in the training server are pilots, aviation geeks, or aviation enthusiasts…
some of them want to have some fun… yes … it may ruin some other’s fun … but we have to understand … besides if someone wants to be a controller for expert server… this is the best place to rectify there mistakes …

Honestly I think you may have what it takes to get into IFATC. I believe you should take that realism and accountability to the next level, the big leagues, the expert server. And plus, you just may have that gavel of decision where someone’s being naughty where they shouldn’t really be.


Yes I can agree. There should definitely be some more moderation on the training servers. As said in the name of the server “training” not “casual” meaning we should start to incorporate some structure into the ATC system ti help strengthen ATC before moving on to IFATC.

I agree with this as well.

Right now, I know it stinks - the IFATC application is hard, and it might not seem that fair. But just enjoy what we have I guess and keep studying for IFATC and soon you will be able to control professionally.

Have a nice night everyone. :)



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Walllaaa…i know its hard. I know it 🤣😜
Best of luck of your day!

I know right? It is 25 questions in 20 mins!

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Yeah how did you pass the exam? It’s so hard like I knew most of the questions - but some of them were just worded weirdly on the real test which caught me off guard.

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Wouldn’t exactly call it pointless as the entire point of training server is to train — whether you’re a pilot or controller.

Unfortunately, you’re more than likely going to encounter pilots who flat out don’t listen.

The best thing is to stay away from busy airports (Los Angeles, New York, London etc). Those are heavily populated on training. However, there are some experienced pilots who do still fly on training for various reasons (hard to find those, though). Opening up a ATC tracking thread is honestly one of the best options, you’ll get a mixture of IFATC’s that may join & get pilots on IFC that just want to truly help you.

Another thing to keep in mind, pilot or controller — some are still learning the ins & outs. So while some may view it as trolling/not listening — they might not understand & are still in the learning curve.


Just learn and learn every day. A lot of work and open thread will make you know everything about ATC