ATC Problems in Training server and expert server

William_casper last call sign delta 411 I’m have a really hard time with ATC. I’m Currently grade 3 my Problem is Ill Send a request to ATC and they want get the Request I can hear them but they can’t hear me I have a iPhone 7 Plus
ios11.3 Connection Signal is good I have Restarted the app a A few times tried switching frequencies nothing seems to work and it happens very often Seems like as soon as switch Frequencies it’s starts happening thanks

Just to clarify, you are saying that when you send ATC a message, you do not get a response?

Yeah I just did a short flight on expert server just now. It seems like I can get Ground and tower fine. But as soon as switch to Departure Or Approach atc will ask for Intentions after I have Checked in and said my Attentions its like they can’t hear me And it happens every time I get on the app

The next time you do a flight with ATC, can you screenshot the ATC chat log?

Have you left the app at all during the flight? You may have come up as unknown. Let’s ask the controller @jakcharvat

I read that could be the problem I never left the app and I went back and even clears all my running apps and i still had the same problem

Hi. I don’t recall getting any request from you, but that might just be a problem of my memory. However, it sometimes happens that when aircraft request service from far out, such as 150+ NM, I get the request but the aircraft disappears before I finish sending the command as Infinite Flight tries to reduce resource usage by unloading aircraft that are further out. Since I had many aircraft in the airspace and there were many more on the ground, it tends to prioritize those over those that are further out, hence the only aircraft I generally have stable connection with are those within ±75NM of the airport. That is another reason why you might have not received any response from me, but I still don’t recall hearing any of your requests. Hope that cleared up some of your questions.

See ya in the skies… ☁️✈️

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EDIT: Since I hit you up with the say intentions, it means that you first requested the approach far out, and then as you came closer into my view I realized that I haven’t issued you a service so I asked what you want to do. I’ll try to work out a way around that