ATC Problems at KLAX

I have had enough of Non-IFC Air Traffic Controllers! They don’t follow Proper Standard operating Procedures, they never use the proper ATC Clearance, and I try to get a proper clearance but I never did. Can anyone help me? SOPs State that I must be issued a clearance that says “Taxi to Runway 25 Right. Contact Tower when Ready.” I never got that Clearance!

If this was on the training server, this can be normal. I would recommend to fly on the Expert Server for the best realism, as the controllers are professional, and have went through training to become IFATC if that makes sense. Anyone can control on the training server which is why things like that might happen.

I understand. But I feel like I am not ready for Expert Server. I need an ATC at KLAX on Ground. I am back at the Gate after I have waited for a Proper Clearance but never got one!

Yep, unfortunately no one can do anything about that as anyone can control on training server. I understand you’re trying to work your way up to expert server though. I would check out some of the guides, which can help.

That’s what I am doing as of now.

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I’m really confused.

You are saying that you aren’t ready for Expert yet you are complaining to us about the trolls along with the incompetent ATC and expecting everyone to know exactly what they are doing. It’s the Training Server for a reason.

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What I have a problem with is those Non-IFC Affiliated ATC controllers!

Sorry, but I’m not going to violate Standard Procedures.

What do you mean you’re not ready? You’ve been on the IFC for 5 years and you’re in a VA. It’s not you’re gonna get a violation for landing off centerline, etc. just know the rules.

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It’s the high level of violations. I do my best to slow my aircraft. But sometimes I forget.

If you are flying really realistically and know the ATC instructions, chances are not getting violations should be a walk in the park. It’s not like you just get violations for no reason, just do as ATC (which actually knows what they are doing) says and violations shouldn’t be a problem.

I have a history of Overspeed Violations…

An Overspeed violation is the same on Expert as it is on Training, level 1 which only lasts a week

Ok… I can try… But it will have to wait until I get used to it on the short-haul flight.

I honestly don’t know what to say except to pay more attention approaching 10,000 and level off at 11,000 to slow down. It shouldn’t be so difficult.

Working on improving that with the A330, A380, and B747-200. All other aircraft shouldn’t be a problem. I will do it when I go from LAS to MIA with a B737-800 and then I will try LHR to LAS with an A350-900.

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How funny, the a350 is the hardest to slow down 😂

If you got that you got the rest.

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It’s really not that serious, dude. If ATC is messing with you on Training then just ignore it and go about your business. Not everyone on ATC in Training knows what they’re doing


I usually try to hop on and control KLAX but most of the time the other people mess it up and for the people knowing what they’re doing, usually log off and end up back on the expert server. ALSO i agree what your saying but from a controller perspective (on the training server) i can say most of yall dont be knowing what yall doing or even know the commands sometimes. best bet is the expert server forsure.

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There’s not really much that you can do about ATC on the training server since they are not regulated and held to a certain “standard” as IFATC does. I’d suggest working up to the ES since there you can really get the ATC experience you are looking for!

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