ATC Problem

This was so weird, I got on IF and started controlling KNUC ground and tower, but no one from KNUC joined my frequency no matter the on guard warnings. Although after a few planes joined I couldn’t find them because they weren’t at KNUC lol, they we’re at KSAN and were requesting take off for runway 27. But I could only clear them for the KNUC runways, like 24. It was so weird lol because I couldn’t even control KSAN and yet for them it showed me as their controller.

Were they out of the 27NM range perhaps?

I reuploaded the correct photo

And… you’re SURE you didn’t press the wrong button and took KSAN instead?

I honestly don’t have an answer to that. It’s probably just a glitch.

Sorry, I saw the sidebar now… I would actually move this to #support. But update the title to something more descriptive. That IS weird.

Look at the left, it says I’m controlling KNUC ground and tower

KNUC look white instead green(active),maybe is just a connection issues

Nah my connection was fine, probably some random unknown bug.

It happened to me at KSFO the other week

They said inbound runway 28R yet i only had the runways of another airport

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