ATC Problem

Well, this post is refering to a problem I have while controlling.

When I control in Expert server suddenly the color of the letters of the airport shown in green “when any frequency is active” gets white “like if I wasn’t there”, so nobody can contact me as Tower/Ground, this is getting very usual, the las time it happened to me was like about 5-6 hours ago and it happened like 5 times during the same session, the unique solution is to get out and get back in, but it is not a connection issue.
I have to say that it is pretty annoying because just like that everyone gets out of the frequency and there’s nothing I can do instead of getting in-out every time it happens :/

Here are some examples

Please Help!


Are you sure this is not a connection issue? This happens to me now and then when I loose connection while controlling. Also, please list device, software, and IF Version.
For me, I’ve got an iPad 4, iOS 10.0.1, Hotfix IF Version

It almost seems like the app no longer handles connection drops as well as it used to. This seems to happen on occasion when you don’t see any of the other typical signs of a connection drop (like all aircraft disappearing – which also happens time to time for me).


100% Percent sure that it is not connection :(
It is an iPod5g 64gb
iOS Version: 9.3.5
IF Version: 16.06.1(Hotfix)

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