ATC Problem

I think there are some ATC problems since 22.1. I just flew from Los Angeles to Frankfurt on the expert server. The problems began when I tuned in to the approach frequency in Frankfurt. I said my approach request but I didn’t get an answer ( I was already below 18000 feet). After like 3 minutes I received a warning to tune in to the approach frequency even though I already was tuned in. I tried to tune out and in a few times until it worked and the ATC could give me some headings and altitude instructions. But still the ATC was not able to receive my Approach request he kept telling me „say approach request“ and gave me a warning to follow instructions. I think that all my other messages got through so I don‘t think that my Wi-Fi was the problem. At some point the ATC either received my approach request or he realized that something was wrong as he then suddenly cleared me for an ILS 25R Approach.
Could also be that I did something wrong. I am sorry if that is the case.

Were you connected to the server? That could be why you didnt get anything back. It’s not uncommon to have brief connection issues.

Alternatively, the controller may have been busy and not heard your request, or their WiFi had a brief dropout.

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I was also on approach into Frankfurt. The approach controller had some issues towards the end with hearing requests and giving commands. Nothing wrong from your side.

Oh ok, thank you!

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