ATC problem

So, I was preparing to depart St Maarten bound of New York JFK in a Jetblue a320 and i wanted the request pushback and i kept getting repeated messages of " Jetblue 1688 please contact ground" and i didnt even have the ground channel at TNCM as shown down below.
after the repeated messages of contacting ground i got ghosted and disconnected.
it wasnt the ATC’s fault (which was @Ben_Bino at the time)
so could someone tell me why this was happening?



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What version of Infinite Flight are you on? If it is not 21.4, you won’t be able to see the frequency as it was added in that update

20.3 is the version im on

That’s the reason then. I assume you’re on a 32-bit device, which means you’re unable to get versions after 20.3. There’s nothing you can really do

I assume you were given “unable to communicate” as the report. If it was a level 2 or 3 violation though, you can contact appeals and they will reverse it assuming you didn’t do anything else reportable

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it sucks for the 32-bit rule

Oh, That really sucks, I get your feelings, feel free to contact appeals regards to your violation.

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Hey mate,

Just to let you know TNCM does in fact now have a ground frequency in Infinite Flight with one of the most recent updates. So there is a ground frequency and you will be able to see it if you have the latest update which the OP didn’t, therefore can’t access or see the ground frequency.

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In regards to your question, I didnt hand out a violation just a ghost and disconnected.

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yeah i noticed that

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