ATC Problem

Today, i received i massage from ATC Controller which say that “ Emirates 545AR, Please amend flight plan to include ATC preferred Standard Instrument Departure”
What does it mean and what i have to do?

It refers you to add an ATC preffered SID (Standard Instrument Departure) into the flightplan. The guidelines to add a SID are covered here :)


It means you have to change your flight plan to include an instrument departure.

You can find these by tapping on the airport icon - pressing “PROC” for procedures and then finding one suitable for your flight plan.

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When you go to the SIDs page under “PROC” you’ll see that some of them are highlighted with the words “ATC Preferred” in green.

You should select one of them to add to your flight plan, appropriate to the direction that you’re departing in.

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