ATC Problem

hello, we have a problem with ATC. certain player in casual server make us do lots of maneuver at the same time. if possible make a function not to spam


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Welcome to the community, @GPilot118! Reply or PM me if you need anything at all.

On casual server, (I assume because that’s what you wrote), there’s really nothing we can do. It’s a place where people can just fool around without getting violations or reports. Once you get to expert, it a whole lot more professional and fun.

In casual server there is really nothing we can really do but anyways welcome to the community

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If you want professionalism, grade up and move towards training and expert. The reason casual server exists is so people have a place to go of around. You’re not really supposed to be professional on it. It exists so all the higher grades have a place to relieve themselves of having to fly sensibly on expert server and have a place where they can do whatever they like, and so people who are new to the game have a place to get used to flying before advancing to expert server.

It’s not that people don’t care about professionalism, it’s because they like to fly somewhere where they can do whatever they want in a while after having to stay on expert server, if that makes sense? There won’t be a feature to stop people goofing around on casual server because that’s basically what you’re meant to do.


@GPilot118 There is also no ATC on casual server. Are you sure you weren’t on training server?

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