Atc problem

I got reported for spamming frequency I just sent the same message 2 times and I did it because he wasn’t answering to my atc messages for like almost 15 minutes and he didn’t give me a warning to stop spamming so he reported me and I’m back to grade 2 pls help me.

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Contact the controller who ghosted you via PM.


Contact the Controller who Reported You. To find out who that is;

logbooknotesreported by xxx

Contact the controller by pm.

15 minutes seems like an over-exaggeration,
Was it a busy airport? And between when you asked the first time and when you repeated the message, was there constant ATC chatter? Or was it quiet and empty?

Considering what @Siddhansh said. What message did you repeat and where were you when you said it?

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The controller is always keeping track of your messages. If a response is not given, it might be for a reason. But do PM the controller. It will greatly help you. Sending duplicate messages can be really annoying to the controller… especially when there is a lot of traffic


If you were flying in a busy airspace or during FNF, you should expect delays due to the huge amount of traffic at the airport.

I think it probably is a problem with the app. It happen sometimes to me too , but they didn’t ghosted me , just PM him , I am sure they will be remove you ghost .
Thank you.

Yeah I think that may be an exaggeration, 5 mins on the ground with no response feels like 15 and it gets really annoying as an ATC to have a guy spamming a request. Often if it’s a simple task like req frequency change they ignore it because they’ve got to deal with planes landing and taking off. Good luck with your ghost removal though.

The thing is that I don’t know how to PM controllers

You cannot PM yet. Just let us know who ghosted you (can be found in your logbook) and the controller will contact you then :)

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I checked my log book yes you you’re the 1 who ghosted me [IFAE-AKFLM manavsuri] can you fix my problem pls

Oh wait that’s me. I’ll contact you via PM.


Will continue via PM.