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Hi. I was lately enjoying the brand new features of the new update and I decided to be a ATC I went to KLAX and I wanted to be the tower so I was tower I spawned in the I went to tower and nothing was there the new layout for the ATC was not there it was all see through it was all blank can someone help. Sorry if this is a duplicate topic I just need to know. I will be out for an hour so sorry if I don’t reply. From @QANTAS_001

This is called ATIS and its only supported on Expert Server!! Tower is something different…

Wrong photo I’m sorry
But it is all blank anyway on my screen

Can you please post the correct photo then :)

I don’t have a photo of it blank and I can’t take one because I am out of the house and don’t have my device. Sorry for the inconvenience

Your are not qualified to open ATIS frequency on Training Server. The new layout was for the ATIS freq.

If you did spawn on Tower and was all black, make sure you have select the Tower box, end the session and restart. If this doesn’t help, restart IF.

Yes I have done all of that but it is all see through

When you arrive home, can you please share a screenshot here of what you see?

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Sure I will make sure to do that.

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I will probably forget by the time I get home but here

I know it so old just imagine that there is no map no aircraft names on the right and just the panel on the left and it is just see through and imagine that it is global. If that doesn’t make sense I’m sorry. I found this on safari

This is a very old image. But…I am trying to figure out the problem. You mean you wanted to open KLAX tower and when you did, this came into?

I have to go now I’m sorry. And I hope you figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience

I didn’t pay attention to the “imagine”

Well, I would say that you opened Tower the same time with someone else and you got the position of the Observer [under the Tower box, there is an: (obs.) message, meaning that you only observe, not control…To ensure that, you had to leave the session, then see who in the Tower position was…Let me. know if it clears up the situation. If not, you might want to send this screen…

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It is when you spawn in with someone else and the other one was first so you don’t get the menu.
You can try to spawn in at an not busy airport.
If it’s not that reinstalling should help.


Sometimes it’s happening when you entered with someone else in the same time

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Already mentioned above twice. Let’s wait for the OP to reply…


it sounds like the camera view rather than anything else. IF you select the wrong camera view (bottom left) then you will have a blank screen, however rest of functions are available. You can rotate through the different views by holding down on the camera button just like when you are flying rather than ATC. If I remember there are three views to choose from, 1) ATC 2) ATC HIGH and 3) BLANK.

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Thank you guys so much for all your help,time and effort I really appreciate it all. I know every time I have a problem I Know you guys have an answer. Because of that I want to say thank you. Now a mod can close because I know the answer now. Thanks from @QANTAS_001

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