ATC problem

Today i want to controll on Ts1 a little bit at Socal but when when i choose an Tower where i want to controll for example KSAN i cant gave the airplanes instructions because the radar window dont opens. I tested it at many airports evertime the same problem

That means someone became controller before youz

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Someone else could be controlling, or you have a semi-good connection (can still be green) and it needs to load. How long did you wait before closing?

If someone else was controlling, the ATC tabs would read (Obs.). Usually when this issue happens to me, it’s because I have a poor connection.

Yea I get that, but I’ve actually opened ya the exact same time as a person and this happened to me. Probably poor connection as I said.

I think this is caused when two people join the same tower at once… think of it as first in first serve

Youz have bad connection or someone joined right before you.

As said in my previous reply…

Since you joined many towers, it unlikely that you joined at the same time. So I suggest getting a better connection (maybe a different wifi).

If this works, click the check box!

I looked befor that nobody is controlling like you can see on the first picture i picked KSEE a random Airport where nobody is controlling a waited somethink like a minute and closed than because the radar window dont opens.


Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties.
This issue is usually happens when the server fails to disconnect the user properly (user being you in this case) from a previous session of controlling.
A server reset is required to fix this, and i will ask the developers to perform a server reset asap so you’ll be able to control again.

I’ll get back to you as soon as i know when it can be done.

Thank you for you patience!


Thank you very much for help.

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