Atc problem

What do I have to do when I say like turn left heading 010 and the pilot is saying unable ?

Ask them to follow instructions

@Wolff_Stolk You ask your ATC Trainer for guidance via PM. The Forum in not the appropriate venue for ATC Trainees to resolve in service training issues. Max Sends

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@Maxmustang what’s that? :)

Whe I say like Please follow instructions they keep saying stuff like unable

Hmmm, try sending them somewhere else first, like 020, then 010, just to see if they will do anything. If not, I think that could be ghost worthy…don’t quote me on that though.

That’s the playground for you just keep working at it and try and vector them the best you can. Issue things like only ILS approaches accepted. And check help pages and follow instructions.

Problem, especially on Playground, they can’t understand why you’re vectoring him away from the runway instead of right to the runway/airport. If they have a flight plan filed they often wanna follow their lines and not the approach controller (happend to me today). They also start to take over the initiative by doing early turns (especially on downwinds) because they think you forgot about them.

My solution: Give em altitude changes and send misc messages like “Thank you” when they are doing something right, keep em busy. That’s how most of them start to slowly but surely follow instructions. I know it’s silly though…


Well Said Alex… Patience is a virtue! So for both Pilots and Controllers; “If you can’t hack the pace get out of the race”! Just sayin.
Max Sends


Ask them for their intentions, it can act as a good way of trying to help.

They never lisstening to that if they don’t want to chance his heading you can’t do anything

That’s not true a lot of them don’t but a lot of them do its give or take. The fact that people play approach with out having any clue doesn’t help the fact either.

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Much people don’t know of they most ask flight following or radar vectors and most of them ask radar vectors then I say a heading and then they say that it not can

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I know it’s annoying that’s when you tell them to check the help pages and follow instructions

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This is why I want to become an advanced controller: so I can have a little respect from pilots

Then repeat the instructions. They are not “Unable”. They do not want to do what they are told. That “Unable” button is an easy excuse to “I don’t want to do it”. However, if you tell them to turn left heading 010 maintaining 3,000 ft. and mountains are in the way (Take PSP for example), then that is one of the few times unable is useful. You have to be aware of who you are controlling and even though the controller is usually in the right (Since they have the authority), you still have a responsibility to make sure you are giving good and correct instructions by being aware of their position and surroundings.

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That reminds me, we also need to be able to see terrain elevations (MSL) on the ATC map, but that is another topic.

You can on the ATC map

I mean the exact height, for people controlling on playground, who are training for Advanced.

You can on approach when you drag your finger over a mountain it gives you the height