ATC problem on Advanced Server

I hit request frequency change on mistake since its right above request altitude, and I did decent to 12,000

I requested because I thought
You didn’t know what it meant since you approved it

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Either you approve it or you ignore it since there isn’t a way to deny it.

In that scenario I would ghost someone too. We may need to consider asking the FDS team to scrap flight following…or giving us a blatant ‘deny’ option. WAY too many people believe it is permission to blindly follow a flight plan without regard to traffic around them.


You are right you can’t deny it. You don’t have to approve it. I respond to the request with vectors right away. Unless there is no other traffic around (almost never) I don’t allow flight following. It is begging for me to ghost the person later when I need to move them and they ignore me or say ‘unable’.

Then I have to turn them into Casper and no one wins in that scenario.

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Hey guys I know I’m commenting on a day old post. And I’m not a controller on the advanced server but I do a lot of approach controlling at KSAN in the playground and I agree with you there should be an ILS response to flight following. Like with radar vectors. Also there is the broadcast only ILS approaches at this time but I feel that should broadcast to everyone even after they tune into that frequency until you turn it off. As I’m sure you know the playground server gets chaotic in Southern California and if you have to broadcast that message every time a new person tunes in it wastes a lot of time. Just my thoughts. Hopefully when they get the testing up and going again I will be able to join you guys on the advanced server. As you all have helped me hone my skills at some point.

Thanks again everyone.

You dont need to put the user’s name in a ( ) :)
just use @Maxmustang

@dush19 Thanks You… Max Sends

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A little late but for the Pilots out there; In IF airspace under the currant conditions for Centers and Approach Always Squawk1200/ State Flying VFR! Never request an ILS Approach or Following except for Practice or in an IMC enviorment
My Take: IF ATC’s have a tendency to get cranky and arrogant late in there shift and they become impatient with fools so take your slap on thewrist NWA and learn from it. In this case the pilot was obviously the arrogant, demanding enity, You Sir deserved the ghosting. Max Sends
(Tristen_Hensley, The Controller of Records response says it all. No excuse NWA you know better)

What about the part where I was told to change frequency

I just had a problem on advanced server, on approach to Miami int, ATC kept sending on guard messages, but Miami tower was not showing on ATC scroll menu, only Unicom showing. So I got ghosted! Is this a bug?
Mark Lot 1

Recommend creating an incident post for Miami with this situation the advanced controllers check here often and will know who was controlling there. If you have pictures post those as well. Your more likely to get a response that way.

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Good idea, thanks for the reply.