ATC problem in LPPT (expert server)

What the helll ??? Why i need stop and wait those aircrafts which after me pushback and go to the takeoff . But when I make one mistake at once ATC writes about the instruction ( please read)

Please explain to me
Jose Oscana - ATC

Hey mate, I’d suggest sending him a PM. You’re looking for @Jose_Oscana. He’s a good guy, I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you an explanation once he’s done controlling.


Hey! As @tomthetank said you should contact who he tagged. Also make sure to be patient, there are probably a lot of aircraft in Lisbon. Have a good day!

Also, for anyone else — the only person who can provide real clarity here is Jose, who’s already been tagged.

Let this topic be, let the controller explain, no need to comment.



I will send you a PM as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.